Episode 22: Climate Change

E1 The Economy (February Update)
E2 Psychopathy
E3 Evolution
E4 International Review
E5 The Common Cold
E6 Stem Cell Research
E7 The Science of Beer Brewing
E8 The Economy (April Update)
E9 Obama's First 100 Days
E10 Economic Pulse Check for August 2009
E11 Infant Learning and Intelligence
E12 Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body
E13 Are You What You Eat?
E14 Healthcare Reform
E15 Afghanistan
E16 AIDS Research
E17 Consumer Behavior and Confidence
Web Extra: November Elections
E18 H1N1 Facts and Myths
E19 Iran Policy
E20 The State of Education
E21 Caroline Levine
Web Extra, 11/5
E22 Climate Change
E23 Politcal Potpurri
E24 Veterans on Campus
E25 New Policy on Afghanistan

Guests: How we affect our environment has long been a concern for many  Americans - and people across the globe.   Professors Tom Eggert from the Wisconsin School of Business and Dan Vimont in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences discuss climate change and the implications national legislation could have on your everyday life and our economy. 


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